meet the photographer


I am surrounded by much love.

Lucky in love with a preacher boy.
Together we have six little loves, nine years old and younger. (yup, you read that right).
China adoption momma.
Loved eternally by my Savior.
Surrounded by much love.

I sit here in a quiet home as the midnight oil burns. Kids tucked in their beds. Evening cup of coffee still pumping through my veins wildly.
And I am thankful. These years of motherhood have drained me. I live in my pajamas most days, the laundry and dishes are piled ¬†high, days and nights run together in a blur… yet I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I began my photography journey as a way to try to slow down the days. To capture the smiles and the light in their eyes. I wanted to remember every moment. Through a beautiful turn of events I was given the opportunity to document the lives of others around me. To stop time, if just for a moment. Showing the beauty of life through the looking glass. To me, that essence of what I do. I simply record your moments so that you can jump off the merry-go-round of life and revel in the beauty before you. I capture pure, true human emotion.

It is my hope that my photographs tell a story. A story of love, joy, faith, beauty, realness.

There is nothing more beautiful.
Cassandra Raney

*photo by Sung Kokko Photography*